Frequent Questions

Antes de los viajes se realiza alguna reunión?

A preliminary meeting is not done, but you can realize ourselves all queries that you create necessary by mail or phone.

Tengo una cámara compacta, me sirve igual?

With any team (analogical, digital, SLR or compact) you can get good pictures. In Ibera also we recommend a camera that has a zoom (of the order 300 mm) to get better results with the fauna present.

– There are poisonous snakes where we go?

Snakes are found in almost all the national territory, although it is very difficult to find; anyway always be driven over with extreme care. In places where a high proportion, it has antivenom in the town.

El avistaje u obtención de las fotografías están asegurados?

We must remember that we will be visiting natural areas where wildlife is in full freedom, sightings and subsequent shooting depend on several factors: time of the year, weather, number of people present, behavior of participants during walks, time of day and… the luck factor.

En Turismo en Kayak Aire Libre, always and at all times we put all our experience in trying to older approaches, that way, all participants achieve the best sightings and photographs.

Qué sucede cuando los grupos son numerosos?

In the case that the group exceeds 9 people, They will be divided into 2 grupos moviéndose al mismo tiempo pero en lugares diferentes siempre acompañados de alguno de nuestros guías.

Puedo alojarme en un cuarto doble o privado?

Availability have no problem to book a double or a private room, but keep in mind that the cost will be amended and shall announce at registration.

Que pasa si soy vegetariano/a?

You only need to announce in advance to give notice to the housing, that way, prepare special dishes at every meal.

Qué sucede si llueve?

We try by all means to make exits and follow the schedule as long as doing so would not endanger the participants.

If light rain, Checking out is unchanged, tomando todos los recaudos necesarios. En el caso de lluvia torrencial, activities be suspended until the weather improves.
In both cases (strong or light rain) participants are free to refuse to perform the planned activity (such activity not carried not be deducted from the budget).

– Clothes that I need?

Es indispensable viajar con ropa cómoda y de colores que no sean llamativos o confeccionados con telas ruidosas. En lo que respecta al calzado, one type comfortable trekking, Wellingtons (if you have them) and other shoes in case you get wet, It's enough. Ademas de llevar siempre el protector solar y repelente para mosquitos.

La forma de pago es solo por medio bancario?

Yes, by deposit or bank transfer.