Full Moon Rides


As the legend, the ritual of watching the moonrise from a beach on the river, It is a magical moment that brings us together sharing a cooked on the grill mate in a time that seems to be stopped.

Share this moment with us, come ,vivílo…

It is said that before Yasi down to earth, men were so busy with their own affairs that barely looked or talked a little. Yasi was immense, refulgente, powerful. It was magic and light. Because Yasi was the moon, and planted on the sky, lit every night the tops of the trees and roads, silver painted the course of rivers and sounds revealed, that stealthy and terrifying, hiding in the shadows of the jungle.

One morning Yasi came down to earth, accompanied by the cloud Arai. Converted into girls, They walked along the paths away from the village, through the maze of willows, lapachos, cedar and palm trees. And so, impromptu, is presented a jaguar. With calm and defiant look. The slow and purposeful stride. The lists to be nailed claws and jaws ready to attack. But as the light arrow pierced the heart of the beast. Yasí y Araí no acababan de entender lo sucedido cuando vieron a un viejo cazador que desde el otro extremo de la selva las saludaba con un gesto amistoso. El hombre dio media vuelta y se retiró en silencio.

Tonight, while sleeping in his hammock under the moonlight, the old hunter had a revealing dream. She saw the crouching jaguar and the fragility of the two girls who had saved that afternoon, although this time they spoke:

We are yasi and Arai, and we want to reward you for what you've done. Tomorrow when you wake up you find your doorstep a new plant. His name is Caá, yerba mate, and has the ability to bring the hearts of men. For this, you need to roast and grind the leaves. Prepare an infusion and share them with your people: es el premio por la amistad que demostraste esta tarde a dos desconocidas.

Indeed, the next morning the man found the plant and followed the instructions in dreams had given. He placed his shot into a hollow gourd with a thin cane tasted the drink. And shared. On that day men, between matte and matte, they met shared hours and never wanted to be alone again.


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